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» Rx Yoga - This is an exclusive yoga batch and doesn't include the use of machines.


» Rx Maintenance - Once you complete Rx Regular for 12 months you can maintain your fitness under this plan.


» Rx Yoga Maintenance - To retain the flexibility of your body this plan can be chosen after completing Rx Yoga. Here yoga sessions are conducted   either 5 days or 3 days a week.


» Rx Weight Reduction - For those with high BMI we have designed this comprehensive workout plan. This includes regular monitoring and counseling sessions and personal attention.

Duration: annual, half yearly, quarterly and monthly, also special executive batches designed to individual timings and needs.

Convenient batch timings: from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm


For more information on sessions call Info Desk: Dr Gayathri Bhat: +91 94484 67181

Email: contact@rxlife.in



» Be on time for sessions
» Sign in attendance registrar daily
» To maintain hygiene, please get your own sweat towels and yoga sheets
» You can wear exclusive gym shoes, please do not walk in to the gym with your regular footwear
» Please pay your fees by 5th & every month/quarter
» Please note that your absence will not be compensated




Svasti RxLife BSA Hercules Cycle Rally 2016
11th December, Sunday

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BSA Hercules RxLife Cycle Rally 2015
6th December, Sunday

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BSA Hercules RxLife Cycle Rally 2014
7th December, Sunday

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Beach Walk 2014
9th November, Sunday

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Swapna Saraswatha Drama 2014
3rd August, Sunday

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Cycling Adventure 2014

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RxLife Cycle Rally 2013
8th December, Sunday

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Diwale Parab
17th November, Sunday

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2012 Summer Programmes

Rx Explore
2nd to 7th April

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Rx Baccha Party
April 11th to 20

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Vacation Fitness Batch for Students
from April 2012, 3 weeks

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Residential Nature Camp
21st to 23rd October 2011




Rxlife Cycle Rally
4th December 2011

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Logo Contest

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Adventure Camp
10th to 15th October 2011

6.00-8.00 a.m Cycling, 4.00-6.00 p.m Outdoor Games

Residential Nature Camp
21st to 23rd October 2011

Details will be uploaded soon

Deepawali Celebrations

3rd anniversary celebration


Contact:Vandana Nayak +91  99867 54875



Rxlife Cycle Rally


5th december 2010

Download Rxlife Cycle Rally 2010 Registration Form


Creative Eye


9th & 10th October 2010



Yoga Camp 2010


March 6th to April 11th

3rd anniversary celebration




29 nov 2009


Cycle rally ladyhill – kuloor– tannir bavi – bengre – bunder – gandinagar park

covering 18kms



October 2009

‘Deepavaliya Sambhrama’ Cultural evening at Sanghaniketan Grounds
Participants – 300


September 2009

‘Tribute to Teachers’ Health Check up and Nutrition Awareness session for staff members of Canara College, Mangalore



September 2009

Vanamahotsava at ‘Sai Paradise’ and ‘Vatsalya’ Animal Shelter at Shakti Nagar
Saplings Planted - 25


September 2009

Local Students Interaction session with German Students
Participants – 45


August 2009

Corporate Call – Health Awareness talk and Nutrition tips at HPCL, Mangalore


July 2009

Mansoon Yoga Camp


July 2009

Bhakti Sangeet concert at Rxlife
Participants – 130


May 2009

Hindustani Classical Music concert at Rxlife
Participants – 120


May 2009

3 days residential Nature Study Camp at Pilikula
Participants – 62


April 2009

Summer Camp at Matadakani
Participants – 110


March 2009

Inauguration of Newly acquired space at Veenu Building – by Sri. N. Vinay Hegde


February 2009

Yoga Therapy for Arthritis – Camp




December 2008

Rxlife Cycle Rally – Ladyhill – Bengre – Ladyhill (18 kms)
Participants – 524


November 2008

Deepavali Celebrations at Sanghanikethan grounds
Participants – 250


October 2008

Three days Residential Nature Camp at Manikara
Participants – 76


September 2008

Yoga Shibira at Mannagudda
Participants – 12


August 2008

‘Tribute to Teachers’ Health Check up and Awareness Camp for staff member of Sharada Vidyalaya


April 2008

Summer Camp for children (8 days) at Matadakani
Participants – 68


March 2008

One week Grooming Camp for Adolescent Students
Participants – 16

February 2008

Yoga Therapy Camp
Participants – 10


January 2008

Yoga Shibira for women at Akshaya Hall
Participants – 20




December 2007

Rxlife Cycle Rally – Ladyhill – Bengre, Ladyhill (18 kms)
Participants – 237


November 2007

‘Yoga Shibira’ for Beedi Rollers (Ladies)
Participants – 18


October 2007

2 days Residential Nature Camp at Malali
Participants – 71


November/December 2007

‘Corporate Call’ – Talk on ‘Life Style Deceases & Life Style Modification’ – on various days covering all the staff members of Corporation Bank Head Office


May 2007

Repeat on Public demand
Participants – 38


April 2007

Summer Camp at Matadakani Ten days camp for children
Participants – 51


March 2007

Mass Pranayama session at Sunrise, in Basty Gardens, Padua
Participants – 41


February 2007

‘Dawn on the Shore’ early morning Pranayama session at Sulthan Batteri followed by Beach walk at Tannir Bhavi
Participants – 68




December 2006

Work shop on ’Yoga Nadige’ by Dr. Raghavendra Pai, Mysore

Participants – 52


November 26th 2006

Inauguration of Rxlife followed by Nutritions Food Festival

Inaugurated by
• Dr. Madhav Bhanadary
• Sri. Sudhir P. Ghate
• S. Mukund Kamath
• Dr. Ravish Tunga
• Dr. Geetha Shenoy
Participants – 500