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BSA Hercules Cycle Rally 2013

Instructions to Rally Riders

Before the Rally

  • RIN Sticker: Stick the Rider Identity No. Sticker to your Cycle.
  • RIN Card: Keep the Rider Identity No. Card with you. Show it to collect your lucky prize if any and for breakfast.
  • Cycle: Your cycle is your responsibility. Keep it locked while parking and don’t lose the key.
  • Backpack: Bring water bottle and towel in your back pack.

During the Rally

  • Starting Point: Assemble at 6:15 am on Lady Hill Circle to Mannagudda Gurji Road on first come stands first basis.
  • Flag off: At sharp 6:30 am. If you are late you repent, we don’t wait.
  • Right Riding: Keep left, keep distance. THIS IS NOT A RACE OR COMPETITION. GO SLOW.
  • Pilot: Pilot Jeep will lead the Rally, don’t overtake it.
  • Ambulance: Ambulance from KSHEMA follows the Rally.
  • Cycle Rescue Van: In case of break down load your cycle on the Cycle Rescue Van and collect at the finishing point.
  • Energy Points: Fruits and Dry Fruits are arranged on the way; take your share and move on.

After the Rally

  • Endpoint: Rally would conclude at Bharath Mall
  • Breakfast: Breakfast will be served at the end point. Show your RIN Card
  • Lucky Draw: 5 lucky riders will win BSA/Hercules Cycles. Show your RIN Card


  • Take care while riding from/to home.
  • No racing, no wheeling, no mobiles and no smoking while riding please.
  • Please use dustbins for wrappers, etc.

Attention Parents

  • This is an eco-friendly event; please don’t follow the rally by car. Catch a bus.
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